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Meet Sylvia Chavez

At the age of 7, Sylvia was abused by a friend of the family, after that event she went from being a courageous, strong and unstoppable girl to feel unworthy, dirty, not good enough and alone. She felt the whole world was against her and that was the way she perceived her reality and others. That day, she lost her connection with her body and her Mom.

But one day, she started questioning what it would mean to be alive and loved, she couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel but....she had so much to live for.

That day, her searching started, and years, many masters, coaches, and mentors later, she was able to shift all that pain of feeling unloved into her passion and mission to show love is possible. 

She found the love of her life 15 years ago, she loves him deeply and feels deeply loved. She believes every woman on earth need to know what true love is, the one she is living proof of. She has created a Proven Love Process that is and will change the way women build their relationships.

Today, she is known as "America's Love Queen" A.K.A. "Love Doctor" by many people in the world and "Life by Design Magazine". Helping women all over the globe to Find a Love that can Last ForEver.